Web3 is owned by all of us, and that is the exact philosophy we carry over at Anero. Building a truly decentralized brand that is built and owned by our riders is our utmost priority and on our mind with every step we take.

Owning a token from us will automatically give you the ability to impact the trajectory of our brand. Our Downtown will truly be built through brick and mortar together and each of our holders will play an active role in how the universe is shaped.

Creator’s Space:
The talent that we are surrounded by is truly mind blowing and it is our job to empower all creator’s and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their brilliance. We are constantly exploring different ways to involve our community in the building process and help them gain recognition for their work. As we continue to grow, we will host spaces where artists and other creators come together and bless us with their talent. This only scratches the surface of initiatives we will take. Together, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.

R2R Platform:
Need connections? Well then, you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for a team to possibly start your own brand or simply need someone to work with you on a project or for your business… our goal is to provide a central location for professionals to connect. Whether you are an artist, software engineer, or simply a crypto enthusiast, our Rider 2 Rider platform will allow you to connect with other members of our community and build something special.



We are a brand without bounds. Our philosophy is simple; the world is our playground and there are no restrictions on what we can build with our riders. We are all dreamers and wanderers, facing any challenge that awaits us without an ounce of fear. Together, we will create a brand that leaves its everlasting imprint on the canvas of the internet.

Our culture is built by three things.

The tracks that have been developed for this brand always connect back to the riders. There isn’t a single step we take without keeping our community in mind. We will always make an active effort to ensure that our riders are at the forefront of our brand and side by side with us throughout the entire journey.

At Anero, we strongly believe that being true to ourselves and our community is a monumental aspect of what we are aspiring to build. It doesn’t take much effort to copy others and piggyback off their success, nor is it exciting. What excites us is being authentic and paving our own way. Embarking on a journey that fills our riders with pure excitement and pushes each and every one of them to become dreamers and wanderers.

Whether it is our art or how we plan to give value to our riders, we like thinking outside of the box. Creating a brand without bounds means getting out of our comfort zone and letting our imagination run wild. From making a crazy fashion statement to dropping the hottest merch, becoming visionaries is our focus.


The Aneroverse: Our universe is very vast and there is so much that is yet to unfold. However… one thing is for sure. Quality and longevity is what our foundation will be built upon.

Lore: Did you get your one-way ticket to Downtown? The journey that we are taking with all of our riders will be an exciting one, filled with endless adventures. It will be written together, with each and every one of us playing an active part in how our world is shaped.

Manga Skits: Having fun is a huge part of what we do. Our manga skits are a way for us to give life to the characters we showcase and tease about the universe that is being created. Each skit is filled with subtle hints that lead back to the underlying story and provide us an opportunity to involve our riders with the lore.

Coming to Life: While developing our lore will be exciting… it will be even more exciting once we bring it to life. Whether that is in the form of a manga, music, trailers, or a full-fledged Anime series, we will do whatever we can to showcase the Aneroverse. Our goal is to take it one step at a time and gradually work on fulfilling our vision.


Fasten your seatbelts… because the Aneroverse will be coming to life right before your eyes.

Streetwear & Merch: From our beloved characters to the wonderful team, we hold style and trends to be pivotal at Anero. There are no limitations on the apparel that will be available for our riders. From crewnecks and hoodies to custom shoes and various other forms of drip–the last thing we want our community to worry about is looking good. Our supply will not be released all at once. Instead, we will have seasonal drops, where we will release limited-edition runs of new products.

Events: One of our goals has been and always will be to bring like-minded individuals together and create bonds that last a lifetime. Real life events will allow us to connect our riders beyond their screens and truly bring our brand to life.


As a decentralized brand, we are always exploring different ways we can contribute to the metaverse and bring the experience to our riders. While this space moves extremely fast, we are training ourselves to become versatile and moving with the wind. Innovation is what inspires us and pushes us to become dreamers.

Index: Our first plan of action after mint is to incorporate an index page into our website that will allow our holders to filter, sort, and explore the entire NFT collection.

Avatar Closet: We will release information about our merch drops a week prior to the official release. Before purchasing their drip, we want our holders to see how it looks on their 2D avatar. Providing a phygital experience is something that we are actively exploring and excited to possibly integrate into our website.

Sandbox Environment: Imagine meeting other riders in a separate AneroVerse and exploring the streets of Downtown. While we understand that creating a virtual environment for our riders will be no easy task, we are looking into how we can provide this experience. All good things take time, and this will be no exception.


One of our goals has been and always will be to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world. Keeping that in mind, holding a rider will give you access to airdrops, which will take the form of NFTs.

Because we strongly believe in the element of surprise, we will not reveal too much in regards to the utility these airdrops will provide and their exact use-case. However, we can assure you that they will serve more than one purpose and provide our riders with pure excitement.

Further information will be released down the line.